Company promotion

This section contains all the necessary and most effective tools to promote and promote Your referral system in https://bastion-invest.com/ . Working with this functionality, You can significantly build your effective team. You can work with individual advertising positions or even with only one , and in a complex, collecting the total traffic from all advertising tools. The most effective way of promotion is the formula of "everything and a lot". The more and more often You will work out advertising traffic, the more effective and faster your financial success will develop.

Rules of construction of the advertising company

— the Effectiveness of advertising depends on its quantity.

— When promoting, always use the right and most profitable slogans that briefly characterize all the advantages of the company.

— Your ad should have one or two main words and Your contact. No more. Otherwise, it just won't work.

— All your slogans, signatures, gifs, advertising banners, videos should have a single training format with the company.

— there can be No other logos except the official company logo.

— There can be no other abbreviations.

— Use only official materials posted on this resource.

— Any of Your ads should be bright and very high quality.

— You only need a 100% accurate hit.

advertising traffic instructions

1. Decide on your advertising budget for one month.

2. Determine the amount of resources you are going to use.

3. Start with low speed, then gradually increase the advertising volume.

4. For full efficiency, try to use all the tools available.

Popular paid advertising channels

This advertising is much more effective and easier, the audience coverage is more extensive.

Advertising on boxes

Boxes are sites where new workers on the Internet perform simple actions for a small fee.

Here You can order advertising in the form of surfing — visits to Your site.

Paid letters — You write a small text, and people read it for money — will go for the site and just for the link that You insert into the text.

In the form of quests — You can Park quests, for example register.

Teaser ads

Register on the site, create and pay for the ad, which will then be displayed automatically in the browsers of users, in the form of advertising banners.

Buy targeted advertising Vkontakte.

Very convenient and functional tool.

Ads can be configured to show to specific groups of users.

To enter the advertiser's office, type in the search engine "Vkontakte advertising".

Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords

you Need an account in Yandex services.Direct and Google Adwords

the Point of this ad is that when people type in a search query similar in subject to Your ad, they are shown Your ad.

This advertisement is the most effective.

these Are the main tools in earning on traffic arbitration

Mailing — "E-mail marketing"

There are white mailings — when you dial the subscriber base and then send information to them.

They are available only to those who have their own website and account in the mailing service.

there are Also black mailings, or spam mailing — when You take a database of email addresses from different resources, and then through special programs send their letters to these addresses.

such promotional letters should contain a brief presentation of the company and the company's terms and conditions.

The letters should also contain Your referral link for registration and, if desired, Your contacts, Skype or Telegrams.

Purchase of advertising spaces for banners and links on various sites

You buy a place on the site to place your banner or your link and it will display the paid amount of time for all visitors to the site.

There are special services that cooperate with webmasters, where you can buy advertising on several hundreds or thousands of sites.

Promotional materials with Your link: logo, banner are in the personal Cabinet in the section menu - the "PROMO MATERIAL".